We are currently looking for new and emerging writers to connect with our readership. Be a part of a culture that celebrates empowerment, individuality, and self-expression.

You may submit a finished piece of work from one of our categories below or submit us a pitch for an article idea.







​Please review these guidelines prior to submitting your work to our editorial team:

  • All submitted work must be original and of your own.

  • Writings must be from an objective viewpoint. Article tone is to be focused on informing of factual information, useful advice, and retaining the attention of the audience.

  • We do not accept previously published work - in print or online.

  • As a guideline all work should be between 500 -1200 words. Feel free to include images, graphs, and other visuals to help convey your point.

  • Please submit only one article per category.

  • If available, please include a recent headshot of your self.

  • Submit all files in Microsoft Word format (no PDF files).


Articles following the above guidelines will be considered. Selected entries will be published in the magazine.

  • All articles are subject to edits for clarity, grammar, brevity, and adjusted to the Rebel Kulture's own style of writing.

  • Compensation is not provided for article contributions.

  • Author name, headshot, social media and links to other works will be included in the publication.


If your article has been accepted for publication, expect to hear from us within a week or two of our having received your submission.

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Welcome to Rebel Kulture Magazine. We are motivated to inspire a diverse community of young entrepreneurs. Highlighting great writers and artists whose voice can leave an impact on our society. Please advocate our platform as we connect with and spark the minds of all readers.

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About REBEL KULTURE Magazine

Rebel Kulture Magazine is a publication that covers a new perspective in the latest fashion, art, technology, news and personal stories. Articles are written from the hearts and minds of people who are not afraid to think and dream beyond the norm.

We provide a platform to showcase artists, creatives and innovators who use their talents to inspire the people of the world.

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